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In order to provide a better service to the citizen, Social Security has a fixed monthly date for the payment of social and family allowances and pensions. The goal is to allow better planning and safeguarding for the beneficiaries as they know exactly the day they receive. Here are the payment dates:

May 2019
Real Estate Management Means of Payment
Bank transfer Check letter Mail coupon
Family Benefits May 16 Not applicable in the Mainland As of May 16
Social Integration Income May 23 Not applicable As of May 23
Solidarity Supplement for the Elderly (1) May 8 Not applicable As of May 8
1st Payment

Unemployment / Illness / Parenting

May 16 As of May 16 Not applicable
2nd Payment

Unemployment / Illness / Parenting

May 28 As of May 28 Not applicable
Social Provision for Inclusion May 8 As of May 8 Not applicable
Social action May 23 As of May 23 Not applicable
Disease Professional: Pensions and Subsidies may 31st Not applicable As of May 31
Accommodation May 8 Not applicable The vouchers are issued in alphabetical order as of the 1st business day of each month

1) Payment together with the pension

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