Do you remember JibJab? The mobile version (too) is an animation footprint – Apps

Do you remember JibJab? The mobile version (too) is an animation footprint - Apps

It began in other wanderings and it animated the natalies of many people at the time of the electronic postcards. In addition to the site, it now exists in the form of a mobile app, for both Android and iOS. And yes, there are still dancing elves.

Those who already have some time on the internet most probably remember the so-called e-cards, exchanged with friends and family most of the time in festive times, with Christmas in the lead. JibJab came to be one of the most popular features with its little animations where it was possible to replace the faces of different characters with those of the "sender" – or others – and enter into a "dancing scheme".

Things have evolved, the smartphone today is king and those responsible for the service did not want to be left behind, having created a mobile application. To use it, you need to create an account, accessing via social networks (such as Facebook or Google+) or via an email address.

Essential is to take a selfie (or two or three), so that later you can "dress the skin" of the different protagonists of animated GIFs. And there are many, divided by different categories, such as Birthday, Work, Dance, Office or Love. And you can always search for themes, that there are always dozens of proposals.

Choose your preferred GIF, apply the most appropriate selfie, add text if you like and your GIF is ready to share. The JibJab app is free for both Android and iOS versions, but some animations are only for users who opt for the paid version – as with Clips that have more people.

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