Do you work on green receipts? The deadline for filing a Social Security statement ends today – The Economic Journal

This Wednesday ends another deadline for the submission of quarterly statement to workers to green receipts. This is the third statement and corresponds to the income of the months of April, May and June, indicates the Social Security.

The submission of this declaration has become mandatory for self-employed workers due to the new contributory scheme. However, only workers with average monthly income above four social support indexes, amounting to 1,743 euros, are required to submit the same declaration to Social Security.

Following the submission of the third statement, self-employed workers will deliver the next statement in October, relative to July, September and August.

Payment of these benefits is monthly and must be made between the 10th and 20th of the following month. If there is a failure to submit this declaration within the stipulated time, the taxpayer is a breach and is subject to a fine of between 50 and 250 euros.

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