Docapesca awards contract for Lagos fishing port

Docapesca awards contract for Lagos fishing port

Docapesca has awarded the contract for the park to support shipowners in the fishing port of Lagos, for around 215 thousand euros, “to meet the needs inherent in the operations of collecting, repairing and storing fishing nets and equipment for shipowners and packaging and bait storage '.

The park will be set up on a land inside the fishing port of Lagos, with 2753 square meters, bounded to the south by the water (port), to the west by the access to the auction building, to the north and to the east by the access road to the anchorages. It will be organized by zones, with covered spaces, of light construction, with health and comfort conditions, in order to improve the working conditions and safety of the local fishing community.

The entrance and exit are located on the side of the auction, placing the washing, carport and safe and bait areas next to the water, the nets area (40 places) in the center and the siege area (22 places) together the road. The excess space to the north and east will be allocated to the green area. This intervention, prepared in conjunction with the representatives of fishermen and shipowners, thus «responds to the desire to reorganize this port space», concludes Docapesca.


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