Doctors boost Algarve for summer "government scam" – Cristóvão Norte – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Doctors boost Algarve for summer "government scam" - Cristóvão Norte - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Mr Cristóvão Norte (PSD), elected by the Faro circle, today called doctors in the Algarve a "scam" after an anesthesiologist was "invited" to pay 20 euros a day for accommodation.

"This is a caricature, it conflicts with the commitments signed by the Government and, above all, it marks another misleading dossier, based on powerful announcements, but of fragile or null concreteness, a watermark that is particularly impressive with regard to the health to which the Portuguese have a right, "said the Social Democrat, in a statement.

Cristóvão Norte recalled the complaint that a displaced doctor who proposed to apply for service in the Algarve during the summer who was "asked to pay a daily fee of 20 euros in a shared apartment."

Remember, the order signed by the Minister of Health, Marta Temido, on June 6, established free accommodation for doctors who decided to strengthen the staff of the Algarve units until September.

"It will not be a mistake to say that the doctors who are needed will be serving the region during the summer months when the population triples. Last year's 66 announced the region received two, "said Christopher North.

The deputy also added that, today and until Sunday, July 12 to 14, the pediatric emergency of the Hospital of Portimão – "and not only Maternity, as has been customary," he stressed – will be closed, "which is why great concern and a clear symptom of the denial of access to health care. "

"The episodes that have been repeated in the NHS are the new normal. The Algarve has been one of the areas where losses have been felt in a more clamorous way, among others, in the maternities, in the indicators of care supply, in the scarcity of investment and in the obsolescence of the equipment, which is not replaced because it verifies there is a very small public investment, far short of the 19 million package announced in 2016, "the congressman said.

Cristóvão Norte said he would confront the government with these issues at the next hearing in the Health committee.



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