Doctors' union posts billboards with faces of Costa and Rye to demand more investment in health – The Economic Journal

The Independent Union of Physicians (SIM) placed two billboards in the city of Lisbon, one in the second circular near the airport and another in front of the Santa Maria Hospital, with the aim of sensitizing the government to invest in the National Health Service (SNS). On the billboards the message of the YES is clear: "There is money for banks, but there is no health", complaining in the message where a photo of the Prime Minister, António Costa and Finance Minister Mario Centeno, appears. SNS has to be a priority. "

The SIM initiative comes at a time when it warns that the quality of the NHS is at the limit and that it is urgent to invest in technology, equipment and human resources. These are, incidentally, some of the claims that underlie the next medical strike, announced for the 2nd and 3rd of July.

The National Federation of Physicians (FNAM) announced in a statement the holding of a strike and demonstration on July 3. The SIM has indicated that this union will mark, in turn, a strike for the 2nd of July. With both appointments, doctors can stop for two days in a row.

The two union structures are scheduled to hold a business meeting with the Government this Friday, June 7.

At the beginning of May, the secretary general of the SIM, in statements to the Economic Newspaper, warned that although people may continue to trust the NHS, however, that quality is at the limit and that it is urgent to invest in technology, equipment and resources humans. Among the unanswered claims by the Government, Jorge Roque and Cunha stressed the salary issue, ensuring that doctors have lost 23% of purchasing power in the last 10 years; the reduction of working hours in the emergency from 18 hours to 12 hours a week, in which doctors would pay six hours more for the programmed activity; the lack of health professionals in INEM staff or the lack of legislation of the medical act.

According to SIM, the goal is to make the Ministry of Health realize that there are services, such as anesthesiology, at Amadora-Sintra Hospital, or pediatrics, in Estefânia, Lisbon, where the minimum services of the strike have a team than today.

The list of claims also includes the placing of vacancies held by retired doctors and the end of the experimental period, the application of a complexity index with effective resizing of the list of users in the area of ​​General and Family Medicine and the end of quotas for the Family Health Units, model B.

FNAM calls for public health reform

Last weekend, the National Council of the National Federation of Physicians (FNAM) met to review the negotiations that took place with the Ministry of Health during the four years of government, which led to the convening of a national stoppage.

In a statement, FNAM reported that the Government refuses to negotiate "the limit of 12 hours of work in emergency service and the consequent annulment of the current 18 hours a week", as well as "the creation of a professional status of rapid wear and reduction in the retirement age ". The Federation also intends "to develop a public health reform, with clear objectives and without unfair instrumentation", in addition to "standardization and improvements of the computer system of hospitals".

FNAM said it "analyzed the outcome of negotiations with the Ministry of Health almost four years after the inauguration of the current government in October 2015". Although they have already stopped in May and October 2017 and May 2018, FNAM guarantees that "the current Ministry of Health continues to refuse to negotiate" the claims that are put by health professionals.

It also accuses the Costa Government of facing "trade unionism by unilaterally legislating the granting of incentives to the geographical mobility of medical workers – bringing greater discrimination – a new legal regime for hospital management and a new regulation of Integrated Responsibility Centers" , the statement said.

With Marta Temido's ascent to the health portfolio, to replace Adalberto Campo Fernandes, FNAM assumes that the change "nothing added" and that there continues to exist "the posture of tying and deferring decision-making." According to the Federation, the Ministry of Health promotes "the escape of doctors to the private and foreign system, deterioration in the quality of health care provided and enslavement of medical work by the private system, where doctors work 60 hours weekly ".

With the general discontent among health professionals in the public, private and social sectors, FNAM asks "colleagues to express their dissatisfaction by adhering to the national strike and concentration on July 3, 2019."

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