Doctors warn that Leiria hospital is on the brink of rupture

Doctors warn that Leiria hospital is on the brink of rupture

In a note sent to Lusa agency, the Regional Section of the Center of the Medical Association considered that it is a "calamity that is ravaging the emergency service of the Hospital of Santo André", in such a way that it is "on the brink of breakdown."

"Without any alternative, patients are placed in the waiting room without the minimum conditions," and "many others are not even served within 12 hours."

According to the statement, "cases are so serious that the Doctors' Order is coming to the dozens of declarations of responsibility in which physicians denounce, in detail, situations of extreme gravity."

"In the specialty of Internal Medicine, for example, the Medical Association has already received more than 50 declarations. We demand concrete measures from the Ministry of Health to remedy this calamity. Regional Section of the Center of the Order of Physicians, Carlos Cortes, quoted in the statement.

In the reported cases, the Order said in January, "there are cases in which three specialists and two internal doctors of Internal Medicine receive more than 80 patients during the emergency ward, many of whom had no medical evaluation for more than 12 hours, such as the avalanche of patients and maladjusted human resources. "

"Even more serious is that in these cases, the same medical team is also in support of inpatients of Internal Medicine and support all the urgencies of the other specialties of hospitalization (except Pediatrics)."

"Due to the lack of minimum reception conditions for patients in the Santo André Hospital emergency department", the Order requires the Ministry of Health "to adapt the structure of the hospital to its area of ​​influence and to allocate the human and the true reality of this vital institution for the region. "

"If nothing is done, every day, it is more an accumulation of risks for patients," reiterated Carlos Cortes.

Carlos Cortes said that "all the cases that are coming to the Medical Order are known to the Board of Directors and Clinical Directorate of the Hospital Center of Leiria."

"This situation is going through the red line, there are beds and stretchers everywhere, it is inhuman what is happening in Santo André Hospital," he denounced.

Carlos Cortes also lamented that "health professionals are not able to practice adequate health care for patients and in total safety".

"This is the reason why they have given the declarations of responsibility. Despite all the difficulties, they have given evidence of acts of permanent heroism."

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