dominated fire on the slope of the castle – The Economic Journal

The fire that broke out this afternoon on the slope of the castle of Sesimbra (Setúbal) has been dominated since 18:30, having burned bush, but without causing material damage or casualties, revealed the Civil Protection.

“The fire has been raging since 18:30, and there are no casualties or property damage. It just burned bush, ”the source told Lusa source of the Setúbal District Relief Operations Command (CDOS).

The fire began on Rua da Assenta, on the hillside of the castle and, questioned by Lusa about the alleged ash plume and the smoke it would have caused on Sesimbra, the CDOS source considered the situation "normal".

"All fires create smoke and it is normal to create that feather, the castle is really leaning against Sesimbra," he said.

The fire, as revealed to Lusa this afternoon source of the GNR Territorial Command of GNR, forced the removal of "about 50 people" who were "visiting" the castle, which were transported to "safe place".

According to the same source, when the flames broke out “in the area surrounding the castle” there were “about 50 people and between 25 and 30 vehicles” on the premises.

"I have the information that both people and vehicles have already been phased out to avoid confusion," and were "quietly transported to a safe place," he said.

Of these people removed from the interior of the castle by the GNR, "no one had injuries," said the same source of the guard.

Firefighting operations mobilized around 7 pm, 92 operatives, supported by 27 ground vehicles and one airborne (a helicopter), the source said.

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