Donald Trump may add more Chinese companies to the "black list" – Business

Donald Trump may add more Chinese companies to the "black list" - Business

Huawei and ZTE technology were the main targets in the executive order of the US government that prevents US telecommunications companies from installing equipment manufactured abroad, but the ban may not be here. The "blacklist" could be extended to the US Department of Commerce, with the executive considering adding five Chinese companies involved in the video surveillance industry that may stop buying and using technology components and software produced by US manufacturers.

The news is advanced by Bloomberg, which lists companies such as Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology, Zheijang Dahua Technology Co. and other unidentified video surveillance experts. At issue is the Trump administration's concern about its role in helping Beijing in the persecution of the Muslim minority Uighur in western China.

Another concern of the US government is the facial recognition capability offered by Hikvision's and Dahua's camera technology that can be used in espionage. If these companies enter the prohibition list, they are obliged to obtain a special license in order to be able to access the technological components and products.

These measures continue to escalate the tensions of the trade war between the United States and China. The Chinese government may retaliate in the same way, recalling that, for example, most of Apple's smartphone and tablet components are built in China. By maintaining this tension, the smartphone industry could suffer serious repercussions in the coming months.

Recall that the US government has decided to suspend the blockade of Huawei for a period of three months prior to the effective application of sanctions against Chinese companies.

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