Donald Trump's Son-in-Law Company Receives 80 Million From Offshore – The Economic Journal

Donald Trump's son-in-law estate company, Jared Kushner, received $ 90 million from a fund offshore, since becoming his father-in-law's adviser at the White House, that is, in 2017, reveals the British newspaper "The Guardian".

After taking up his duties as a counselor, Jared Kushner continued at Cadre. The amount came through a financial vehicle managed by Goldman Sachs in the Cayman Islands, a well-known tax haven that guarantees corporate secrecy. Kushner's stake in the company is valued at $ 50 million (approximately 44.18 million euros).

The fact that you are receiving money from a fund whose source is unknown may create conflicts of interest for the functions you hold as a governing member. According to some experts consulted by this publication, the accumulation of the two functions raises issues of lack of transparency regarding investments.

"This is going to cause people to question whether it is being improperly influenced," said Jessica Tillipman of George Washington University. According to Kushner's lawyers, he resigned from the real estate firm's board and reduced his share per share to less than 25% after joining Trump in the White House.

Initially, in February 2018, Jared Kushner saw that his security credential was revoked, allowing him to access confidential information from the Government. The revocation came at a time when Kushner was being investigated for taking part in a meeting with connections to Vladimir Putin's government during the 2016 election campaign.

In the same month, US authorities intercepted calls from the United Arab Emirates, China, Israel and Mexico, where it was proved that these countries tried to influence Kushner, who found that he had "financial difficulties" and "lack of political experience."

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