Don't Fail to Recycle "Test" with WasteApp – iOS

Don't Fail to Recycle "Test" with WasteApp - iOS

Early on we learned at school how to recycle. However, questions arise daily about the final destination of each waste we want to put in the ecopoint, given the huge variety of debris. With this in mind, WasteApp emerges, an application that aims to help users sort out garbage and find the right destination for a wide range of municipal waste.

And to keep you up to date, WasteApp gives you regular information on waste collection campaigns and other news through the news published by the National Nature Conservation Association waste working group. If you know more collection locations that have not been identified by the app you can always suggest.

Integrating 50 different waste typologies, the application also helps you quickly find the location closest to your location where you can dispose of your waste at home. Another advantage is the clarification of doubts you may have about the waste that you should or should not put in the ecopoints and the various waste streams that exist in Portugal.

WasteApp is free and available for Android and iOS devices.

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