Don't let ideas get lost on paper with the new Portuguese app Infinitebook – Android

Don't let ideas get lost on paper with the new Portuguese app Infinitebook - Android

In 2014, Pedro Lopes, then a 17-year-old, decided to create an alternative to paper notebooks that would allow him to write and rewrite as many times as he wanted. Ecobook quickly gained the nation's attention, and later the startup that changed its name to Infinitebook became known around the world for its reusable notebooks.

With the end of summer fast approaching and with the return to school and work, the company decided to bet on a novelty that promises to make the notebook “truly infinite”, in the words of its founder. Now with the new Infinitebook Cloud app, users can save their notes to Infinitebook via photos, which can then be saved to projects and even shared.

Born from a partnership with Chilltime, a Portuguese company specializing in the development of programs and applications, Infinitebook Cloud was already in the plans of its founder and CEO from the beginning. As Pedro Lopes states in a press release, “Finally, with this partnership with Chilltime, all the conditions have been met so that we can improve the experience of using Infinitebook. With Infinitebook Cloud we give all users the freedom to store and share their ideas, even those that would be deleted from the notebook. ”

The application plans also include automatic recognition of the photographed sheets and words, allowing the user to search directly for the content they need. Although it does not have a scheduled arrival date, the Portuguese startup indicates that it is coming soon.

For now, Infinitebook Cloud is only available for mobile devices with Android operating systems, and has two modes. The first, at no extra cost, allows the user to save up to 50 photos, make comments and share projects with one person, as well as access documents on the computer. The second is a premium version and, for 1.99 euros per month, allows the cloud storage of 250 photos, and also possible to share documents with up to 5 people.

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