d'Orfeu turns 25 in 2020

d'Orfeu - Associação Cultural

d'Orfeu - Cultural Association

2020 will mark the 25th anniversary of d'Orfeu AC, with “new challenges” for an associative and artistic project that marked the last decades of cultural production between Águeda and the world.

25 years, 25 challenges, 25 awards. Founded on December 4, 1995, d'Orfeu AC turns 25 in 2020 and “wants to give away” its audience. From January onwards, it will be possible to raise a family passport that includes 25 challenges at the association's headquarters. As families complete the challenges, they earn stamps. “The more stamps they get, the more prizes they can choose,” says the association's board of directors. In the list of 25 awards available, there will be stage school scholarships, d'Orfeu festival passes and even a Meet & Greet with a Festim 2021 artist.


In a party atmosphere, there is no shortage of events in the association's agenda to mark the quarter century. The year begins with a school tour of the new creation of Orpheus 'Orpheus Saw Greek', an epic on wheels; On January 10th (Luca Algiers) and on February 28th (Francisco Sales), the extra season of the 23rd OuTonalidades will be heard at CAA – Águeda Arts Center; On March 7, a humor writing workshop is scheduled by Susana Romana (M80, Fictitious Productions); On March 28, it is Rita Carmo's turn to lead a show photography workshop; on April 3rd and 4th, the exhibition OuTonalidades at Espaço d´Orfeu is held; the 12th Festival i! May 15-17; the 12th Festim returns to various municipalities in the region in June and July; the 24th OuTonalidades kicks off on September 21st; the 19th festival The Eared Gesture takes place from October 7-10; on November 21st the special show “Tia Graça – everyone should have one” takes the CAA stage with the Alvarense Band; and on December 4th, d'Orfeu's 25th anniversary is officially celebrated in an event that will be “very special”.

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