Douro River Festival leaves beer out and bets on wines with lots of music – Showbiz

Douro River Festival leaves beer out and bets on wines with lots of music - Showbiz

The differentiating factor was having only Douro wines, with the involvement of 80 producers, allied to gastronomy, with the presence of renowned chefs such as Rui Paula, Miguel Castro e Silva and Vitor Matos, he added.

“With regard to gastronomy, we want to promote what is ours, giving a touch of modernity,” said the businessman, giving the example of duck rice gratin with mozzarella cheese made in a black clay container from Bisalhães (Vila Real), authored by chef Tiago Moutinho.

The wines can be drunk and the dishes savored to the songs of Bryan Ferry, Seu Jorge, Mariza, António Zambujo, Xutos e Pontapés, Salvador Sobral, Wet Bed Gang, The Black Mamba, HMB and Fogo Fogo, among others.

“We managed to find a partner, Better World (responsible for Rock in Rio), who assimilated this idea and found that it would have to be a very gener sui generis’ poster. And that's what they created, ranging from a vintage Bryan Ferry to a Wet Bed Gang for a younger crowd, ”said Manuel Osorio.

In his opinion, “these three aspects – music, gastronomy and wines – allied to this landscape make the Wine & Music Valley a unique festival in the country”.

The festival has a budget of two million euros, but the goal of the organization is not the immediate return.

“We know it's a year of implementation, but it was our idea not to create anything small. If we were to create a small thing we would never be big, we would never have a festival with the size that the Douro deserves, ”said the businessman.

Manuel Osorio told Lusa that this is “a five-year project” and the organization is prepared “to grow two or three times”.

“Our goal is to lay the groundwork and do things very well,” he said.

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