Downton Abbey: Aristocrats are back with even more pomp – News

Downton Abbey: Aristocrats are back with even more pomp - News

The story tells the adventures of a family of aristocrats and their domestic servants in the glorious years from 1912 to 1925.

The film, which hits British theaters on Friday – and in Portugal on the 19th -, takes up the story from 1927, a year after the general strike the British working world will face with Stanley Baldwin's business and conservative government. .

The cast is the same as the series, starting with Maggie Smith, who plays grumpy Countess Lady Violet, and there are also new faces like Imelda Staunton (the cruel Dolores Umbridge of "Harry Potter").

The actress joins her husband, Jim Carter, who plays the role of the lovely butler chef who retired at the end of the series, Charles Carson.

Panic in the castle

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Although the couple are working together, Imelda Staunton jokes that she could not be served by her husband.

"And he was just across the table!" He complains, feigning annoyance when interviewed by AFP.

Carson's reason for returning to work is the visit of the kings of England, a stirring honor and much stress in the Crawley family.

"We're always changing costumes," says Lady Cora, the Earl of Grantham's selfless American wife.

In the lower part of the mansion, the servants also get involved with the opportunity to display all their qualities.

"Molesley [agora o mordomo-chefe] has never been so nervous in your life, "says interpreter Kevin Doyle.

Threatened by the servants of the monarchs and fearful of losing their place at the ceremony, they will make a small revolution to have the chance to serve the table of kings.

Meanwhile, Lady Violet, the queen of intrigue, prepares her next move. The grumpy matriarch of the family is one of the favorite characters of the public.

And fans will not be disappointed by some of their comments, already turned into classics, such as "What's a weekend ???".

The film perfectly conveys the nostalgia of the 1920s with a right style and great doses of glamor, with Julian Fellows managing to plot a story for each of the 20 characters.

Directed by the American Michael Engler, they return a worm of rivalries and novels with a stunning castle in the background.

Downton Abbey, which is actually Highclere Castle, is located in Hampshire, southern England, not Yorkshire, to the north, as in the series.


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