Dreams and wishes inspire Portuguese dance company in German festival

Dreams and wishes inspire Portuguese dance company in German festival

“It is a work that takes Madeira out through a film by Portuguese filmmaker Raquel Freire. The 70-minute film, which features island landscapes and dancers, accompanies the entire choreography. These dancers are on the scene, but there are also about 30 of them who are part of it and thus the whole company is represented in this show ”, he describes.

The 31st edition of the Berlin Contemporary Dance Festival – Tanz im August is an initiative of HAU – Hebbel am Ufer. The organizer is already known to the Portuguese company.

“We already danced at another festival at U HAU’ in 2013, but at another festival called limits No limits ’, and that other festival was specifically related to disability issues. It was a targeted event and this is for the general public. I think this is the magic, which is a great honor for me and the company, to be able to take our work to all audiences and not just to those interested in disability or inclusion, ”explains Henrique Amoedo to Lusa

It took seven months to create the play "Happy Island," a show "in a good mood," but most of all, "leaves people thinking."

“It takes the audience to different universes, to moments of introspection, different emotions and questions, linked to their dreams: can a disabled dancer be a sensual superstar? Can a disabled dancer address the issues of his own sexuality? All this is on the scene, ”says the artistic director of“ Dancing with the Difference ”.

In addition to Berlin and, by the end of the year, the company has several international performances scheduled in countries such as Switzerland, France or Brazil.

“There is no way to have added difficulties. Our cast is qualified for this, as it is part of the basic work of our company to train dancers so that they can perform professionally. This is one of the goals of our work, ”he says.

“As we move this show into the midst of general contemporary dance, we are fulfilling part of our goals of changing the social image of people with disabilities. And we want to continue to do that. Gaining other venues, continuing to perform the normal dance circuit, presenting our shows, so that this also makes it possible to maintain our base in Madeira and our work in Viseu. It is the dance company that maintains the educational and therapeutic work that takes place in these two cities for people with disabilities, ”says Henrique Amoedo.

“Dancing with the Difference” takes the stage in Berlin on August 29, 30 and 31. The "Tanz im August" ("Dance in August") festival, which starts today, brings together more than 160 artists from 15 countries and will feature 31 contemporary dance productions, including seven world premieres.

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