Drivers strike. Minister of Economy defends revision of strike law – The Economic Journal

The Government calls on the Portuguese to moderate fuel consumption during the hazardous drivers' strike scheduled for 12 August.

“People need to try to moderate consumption, if they avoid unnecessary commuting on strike days, we need to face it with some calm and tranquility. It will cause inconvenience, we have no doubt, but it is necessary that the Portuguese react with maturity, ”said the Deputy Minister of Economy in an interview with RTP.

Pedro Siza Vieira says it is "hard to see" why drivers want to go ahead with the strike right now, having already made "substantial wage gains."

“What we have found is that one of the subjects that justifies the strike warning at the moment is a matter that has already been discussed. In this sense, it is difficult to see that an agreement that already guarantees substantial wage gains from January 2020 onwards, as well as a range of other important driver issues, could be called into question because of increases wages that will take place in two or three years, ”he said in the interview.

The economy minister also argued that the strike law should be revised. "This is an issue that needs to be addressed politically and various political actors have to consider the need to revise the strike law in this regard."

“The law is from the 70's. It makes sense to think about whether we should keep it or not,” he said.

In the interview, Siza Vieira also said that she had the “very clear conviction” that it is necessary to “improve the regulation of work situations” in order to “improve the situation of workers and the quality of employment”. To achieve this goal, he pointed out that "negotiations with unions are absolutely essential".

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