E3 2019: Microsoft reveals the next generation Xbox and new command Xbox 2 Elite – Computers

E3 2019: Microsoft reveals the next generation Xbox and new command Xbox 2 Elite - Computers

Microsoft held its expected pre-E3 conference, with more confidence than ever, as its rival Sony was left out of the gaming competition. It was expected new games, announcements of what their studios would be doing, the future service xCloud and of course, the revelation of their new console. Microsoft did not disappoint and showed close to 60 games, including exclusive and multiplatforms, AAA releases and also interesting indie proposals.

"For us the console is vital and important, and it has to be optimized for gaming," said Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, to announce the new gaming platform. The next console is intended to put an end to loading times, and taking into account the technology partner AMD, the philosophy fits the same as its PlayStation 5 rival. Of course, more realistic graphics means introducing Ray Tracing technology, second the test of several game developers and people connected to the hardware.

Microsoft thus confirms Project Scarlett as the name of the console, promised for the spring of 2020. And to convince more skeptical fans, will be joined by Halo Infinite on the same date as the launching game.

Microsoft did not go into many technical details of the console, but it confirms the code name of Project Scarlett, whose previous rumors are two console models, although they have not been reported today. The first, called Lockhart, will be equivalent to the current Xbox One X in terms of hardware, with some improvements. Already the most powerful version "Anaconda" will have the best possible configuration to elevate the gaming experience to the next level. Both consoles will be equipped with an SSD (which will serve as virtual RAM), to speed up the loading times, as was mentioned in the conference.

As already known, it will have a custom processor based on the Zen 2 architecture and Radeon RDNA, in a promise to be four times more powerful than the current Xbox One X. The console will have GDDR6 RAM, capable of improving image resolution while maintaining the high framerates. The information also gives the console to support games at 8K resolution, as well as framerates at 120 FPS. In this way, the future Xbox approaches the characteristics revealed of the next PlayStation.

Microsoft also introduced a new wireless controller, the Xbox Elite 2, with a release date of November 4, at a cost of $ 180. The peripheral includes USB-C connection and has been completely rebuilt with a new engineering, the company said. It will be possible to adjust the voltage of the analogue, using a key to regulate its precision, to the taste of the professional players.

The controller has a new rechargeable battery, with the manufacturer promising about 40 hours of use with a charge. You can configure it to the users' needs and save different profiles. Watch the video for all details of the new command.

During the conference and in the middle of announcing the new titles, Microsoft revealed the acquisition of another studio for his family, Tim Schafer's Double Fine, which is currently producing Psychonauts 2, a title that was shown at the event.

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