Each MP earns at least 200,000 euros per term – The Economic Journal

Each Portuguese deputy earns at least 200,000 euros per mandate, according to the accounts of the "Jornal de Notícias" (JN), released in this Thursday's issue. Each month, Parliament spends 835,700 euros on the base salaries of the 230 members who make it up.

At the end of the year the amount reaches 11.7 million euros and, in a mandate, 46.8 million euros (without taking into account the allowances to which they are entitled). However, for nine years, parliamentarians have had a 5% reduction in base salary, making a cut of 190 euros a month.

For example, the chairman of a parliamentary group or plenary secretary earns 244,400 euros per term (61,100 euros a year) and a chairman of a parliamentary committee receives 234,000 euros in four years (58,5 thousand euros per year), as indicated by JN based on information from the Assembly of the Republic.

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