Easter (more) healthy. 4 Essential Recommendations – Weight and Nutrition

Easter (more) healthy. 4 Essential Recommendations - Weight and Nutrition

Like Christmas, Easter is one of the most critical times of the year for those who grow up easily. Because of folds, almonds, noodles and rabbits and chocolate eggs, it is also one of the heights of greatest temptation for those who are trying to lose weight. Since it is only a little step from now to the summer, these are some of the recommendations that you should follow at this time, but also in all the others, so as not to fire the balance pointers:

1. Plan the excesses

Instead of trying to abolish more calorie foods, choose how and when you will risk it and try to compensate by eating less calories at another time.

2. Stay active

Walk or take the time to organize an egg hunt for your children or other family members.

3. Find alternatives

The market is full of news. Prefer, for example, plastic eggs with toys or other souvenirs may be more valued than candy. If you choose to eat or offer chocolate, prefer black. Also prefer small eggs individually packaged instead of large chocolate figures.

4. Focus on the essentials

Remembering the deeper meaning of this age, connected with the capacity for transformation, can help you to abstain from food and gain strength to cement healthy habits.

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