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Joaquim Pinto, two of

S. Nicolau returns to snior football

Joaquim Pinto, two of
Joaquim Pinto, two decades in front of the club

The Sporting and Cultural Group of S. Nicolau is back in the best competition.
After an interregnum due to the financial limitations of the Club, this time [2014-2015] competition of AF Braga. Without great daring, the main objective of the Club is that it leaves the last places where it militated during few followed.

Squad 2014/2015
Squad 2014/2015

The Ecos de Basto was to listen to the president of S. Nicolau's Sports, Joaquim Pinto and his coach Gonalo Almeida Barreto Pereira, hearing of their yearnings for this sporting moment and that we share here with our readers.

Team t
S. Nicolau technical team

Joaquim Pinto: President of the Cultural Association
and Sports Department of S. Nicolau de Basto

Founder of the 34-year-old club and president of the club about 20, Joaquim Pinto, explained to Ecos de Basto why the football returned to this emblem and what are the goals for the new season.
We felt there was a need to make football return.
Echoes of Basto: What prompted the Club to pause and now return?
Joaquim Pinto Parmos because the financial difficulties were many. We came back because now we are slightly better.
EB: In the past few days have you been able to achieve the expected goals with the youth team? Were these results that led him, again, to the snior team?
JP: No. We stayed last. These results had nothing to do with our decision to return. We felt there was a need to make football return.
EB: Gonalo Pereira was the bet of the direction for the technical co-command. What did you ask this coach?
JP: We asked for the best possible result.
EB: What message would you like to leave to S. Nicolau members and followers?
JP: Help us in this new phase.
EB: Tell us about the team. all constituted by elements of the county or have athletes from outside?
JP: Most are young, almost all, of the county. It is not completely complete, we are still making some contacts.
EB: Are there sufficient financial conditions and infrastructures to withstand the new era?
JP: Financial conditions are weak. And the conditions of the studio also.
EB: What is the purpose for this time?
JP: The goal is to make good time within our means and to leave the last place. this is our plague.

Gonalo Pereira: Coach

Born in Cabeceiras de Bas-to and 25 years old, Gonalo Almeida Barreto Pereira was the coach chosen to face the return of S. Nicolau's Sport to the best football of AF Braga and to withdraw the Club from the last places of the championship where it remained several puddles.
A young coach, well know of the football community. Throughout his sporting career he has collaborated with Desportivo do Arco de Balhe, Atlântico Cabeceirense and the Sports Group of Cavez.
Now, in S. Nicolau's Sports, he intends to train this team with the determination, the hard work and the skill that is characteristic of it and to raise the club.
Passionate about the sport, Gonalo Pereira, is ready to face the financial difficulties, but also the will to win that the players that constitute this team demonstrate to have.
Echoes of Basto: What led you to accept this position?
Gonalo Pereira: It was the challenge proposed by the direction, since for some years I trained as an assistant coach and then I accepted the challenge of training the team. I decided to risk a modest team to try to raise.
EB: What are the main difficulties of this team?
GP: I think for your history I was able to bring players with a lot of quality. In our region there are players with very good quality who sometimes do well. This year we decided to bet on many of our country's players, but the main challenge is even the financial issues and the possibility of bringing players with more potential to this club.
EB: In relation to financial difficulties
GP: So many, since the companies of the own land do not support. We hope to change this this year.
EB: Do you have the means to get the results you want?
GP: An unpleasant question because we can work with what we have.
But within the possibilities we have we will try to make the best possible results.
EB: At the beginning of the season how did you find the club?
GP: In the puddle. Without a euro. At this moment it manages to have some stability with the support of the Municipal Camera. Without this support nothing would be possible. It is also the efforts of the directors who can balance the accounts.
EB: The squad constituted by how many elements?
GP: By 23 elements aged between 17 and 34. All of the county.
EB: What are your expectations for this time?
GP: To make a balanced championship and to stay in last place that was the main objective that I drew in this challenge.
This year we do not want to stay last. We point to the top 10 places.

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