Edu Mundo and João Pires immerse themselves in the Portuguese song in the project Cordel – Showbiz

Edu Mundo and João Pires immerse themselves in the Portuguese song in the project Cordel - Showbiz

"We had to prepare a 40-minute concert and I think this week of total immersion in a different country, without the crazy agenda of our lives, was the trigger. We realized in the guitar arrangements and in the musical ideas that we had something concrete there, an identity, a sound, and that is the most important in a musical group, "said João Pires.

Already while Cordel, "most of the songs were done at a distance, idealized with the guitar and finished with the pen". "It's all shared, unless the song is already finished by one of us," Edu Mundo emphasized.

However, the album "was done together". "The arrangements, special guest appearances, guest musicians were thought to two. We recorded a first part in a house of a friend in Porto and the rest in the studios of Valentim de carvalho in Lisbon, "recalled João Pires.

All ten songs on the album "speak of links, or 'twines' between people, or of a person with a part of them." "The Cordel, symbol of connection between two points, is the main theme of the disc," said Edu Mundo, who on the identity card is Márcio Silva.

The musician recalls the theme "If Tomorrow Tomorrow", integrated in the soundtrack of the telenovela "Soul and Heart", SIC, "which addresses the expectation of someone waiting for the arrival of another to make plans for two."

"All the songs have a string, now it's up to the listener to find out where and what it is," he challenged.

The album that is edited today will be the first of a trilogy, united by, "imagine yourself, a fountain of cordoame, believing that in this network are all who did, do and will be part of this walk."

João Pires, who will perform in July at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, with the Coladera project, which he shares with the Brazilian artist Vítor Santana, has released solo debut album "Caminhar" in 2012.

Five years ago he started the Coladera project, which "celebrates in music the cultural bridge between Brazil, Portugal and Cape Verde, in a dialogue based on guitars, percussions and voices", which has already been presented live in Portugal and abroad, in countries such as the United States, the Netherlands, Spain, Hungary and Denmark.

Throughout his career, João Pires has collaborated with musicians such as Sara Tavares, Aline Frazão, Pedro Moutinho and Dino D'Santiago.

Márcio Silva, drummer for the Souls of Fire and Fogo Fogo, started creating the Edu Mundo project in 2011, which he first performed live three years later.

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