Eduardo Cabrita says that the latest diplomas of decentralization will be approved this month – O Jornal Económico

Eduardo Cabrita says that the latest diplomas of decentralization will be approved this month - O Jornal Económico

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Eduardo Cabrita, has aimed today at the approval of the last seven sectoral diplomas in the scope of the process of decentralization of competencies for local authorities, namely Education and Health.

Speaking to Lusa agency, the minister said that the tutela "is completing the process of discussion with the municipalities" and that "in the coming weeks" the last seven diplomas may be approved in the Council of Ministers.

"Sixteen diplomas have already been approved by the Council of Ministers, but we hope in the next few weeks to approve those we have recently reached agreement, namely in the areas of Education and Health," he said.

The governor, who was in the municipality of Loures this morning to participate in a convention of the municipality of the PS, which addressed the decentralization of powers, reiterated that this process "is one of the central themes of this legislature."

"We are a stupidly centralizing country. As an example: does it make sense that the Minister of Education is concerned about the roof of a secondary school in municipality A or B? This does not make any sense, "he said.

During his speech, Eduardo Cabrita considered that this process "is as ambitious as possible", arguing that "it is possible to go further".

Despite admitting that the process of competencies is suffering "a lot of political resistance", especially by the municipalities of the CDU and the PSD, the Minister of Internal Affairs pointed out that "the Government intends to create the greatest political consensus" around these matters.

In this panel that dealt with the decentralization process, the president of the National Association of Parishes (ANAFRE), Pedro Cegonho, also participated, which was "totally favorable" to this process.

Altogether there are 23 sectoral diplomas of decentralization, which have been progressively approved by the Council of Ministers.

The framework law on the transfer of powers to municipalities and inter-municipal entities and amendments to the Local Finance Law were approved in July in parliament, with only votes in favor of the PS and the PSD.

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