Eighty percent of MPs arrived after the troika – The Economic Journal

Only one in five deputies participating in the debate on the Government program exercised legislative power in the XI Legislature, the one that ended midway through the resignation of José Sócrates in March 2011 and the request for financial aid that would put Portugal under the tutelage of the troika. And even among the most experienced elements of an Assembly of the Republic marked by new faces, to the point that there are 100 deputies debuting in the Chamber, few large figures are left in the Lost Steps.

Communist leader Jerónimo de Sousa is now the only “survivor” of the Constituent Assembly, as Helena Roseta and Miranda Calha were not on the PS lists, being the only one to equal the 11 previous legislatures of social democrat José Cesário and socialist José Magalhães , who became a member of the PCP. Immediately afterwards come the socialist Jorge Lacão (parliamentary leader from 1995 to 1997) and the social democrat Pedro Pinto, with ten, and the social democrat Adão Silva and the communist António Filipe, with nine.

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