El Pais banned from Vox election campaign until election ends – Jornal Económico

“Duty to respond: Vox positions in the debate demand that all alarms be activated,” is the title of the Madrid newspaper editorial that draws attention to the “xenophobic and intolerant” arguments conveyed by Santiago Abascal, leader of the far right party, during Monday's debate, the only one among the top five prime minister candidates.

In view of this, the far-right party with very good projections in the polls on the general elections of 10 November in Spain, will prevent the access of the journalists of the PRISA group, namely the newspaper “El País” and the radio SER, the all your events.

The announcement was made in anonymity where it was informed that the PRISA Group "from now on will not grant credentials to any journalist linked to PRISA, nor access to its headquarters or any other act that the party organizes in private spaces."

This is not the first time that Vox has occasionally prevented the media from attending its events, but it is the first time to generalize the veto. Both the Madrid Press Association (APM) and the Spanish Press Association Federation (FAPE) have warned that this practice violates the Constitution's right to freedom of press.

“The veto on media entry is especially severe because it occurs in the middle of the election campaign, when citizens have the right to receive independent and plural information about individuals who may occupy certain positions of national influence. We have to vote knowingly, ”writes the Spanish daily in an article contesting Abascal's ruling.

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