Elaboration of Vale da Telha PP goes to CCDR Algarve

Municipality of Aljezur pays school passes - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

The Vale da Telha Detail Plan is “at a crucial stage of its preparation and in a position to proceed with the proposal for the next phase of the defined calendar”, highlights the municipality of Aljezur.

As the deadline for its preparation is expiring and “in order to ensure its continuation”, the City Council approved a new deadline, for two more years, for the realization and final approval of the Plan.

It was delivered by the responsible technical team and the plan proposal was presented at the 26 November chamber meeting, and it was approved for submission to the Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission for the start of the conciliation phase between the various entities involved and opinions required.

The council adds that "this is another extremely important step, thus raising another level in the timetable set for the final approval and implementation of the same plan, of high complexity and at the same time of great importance for the municipality of Aljezur" .



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