Electoral night earns 64 million euros for parties – Jornal Económico

The results of the last legislative elections will have earned 64 million euros for Portuguese parties in the four years of the legislature, writes the Jornal de Notícias (JN) in its edition of Friday, October 11.

At stake are campaign funding and party subsidies (55.9 million euros in the four years of the legislature) and support for elected deputies (1,765 euros annually for each seat), the daily notes.

The PS, as it won the elections, gets the biggest chunk: 25.3 million euros. Already the PS will fit approximately 20 million euros. "The reforms implemented in the last year and a half, with expenditure adjustment, will allow the management of the paryido without major impacts," assures JN the Social Democrats' financial representative, Hugo Carneiro.

The CDS-PP is entitled to about 490,000 euros for the campaign, a figure below the 700,000 euros it expected to spend. In addition, it will receive only 3 million euros in the legislature to finance itself, and 8,800 euros annually by the five deputies. "Of course there has to be some change and a reduction," admits Nuno Magalhães, parliamentary leader of the centrist bench.

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