Electronic Arts aims to combat toxic behavior online – Computers

Electronic Arts aims to combat toxic behavior online - Computers

Considering that much of the Electronic Arts video game catalog is based on the online component and player competitions such as FIFA, Battlefield, Star Wars Battlefront, Apex Legends or Anthem, the company is concerned about toxic behavior in the community. and intends to fight them. He met with a group of players at a round table at the latest Gamescom and has now shared the results.

EA's goal is to help reduce or even eliminate misbehavior in the online space by reinforcing the building of a program called Building Healthy Communities. For this meeting in Cologne, 13 Game Changers members were invited to the Player Council, along with health and safety EA employees, including WorldWide Customer Experience, EA Security, EA Studios, Global Analytics and Insights, divisions. related to player behavior.

Conclusions included new initiatives and procedures to combat online toxicity, as well as new rules for Game Changers (EA influencers) members. Perhaps most important is the update of the incident reporting tool in the publisher's varied games.

Tips were also shared to protect players' private and sensitive data from being targeted by malicious members. Also discussed was the protection of EA service access accounts, including the introduction of a two-factor telephone system.

Electronic Arts has promised new meetings and event initiatives with the involvement of the so-called Player Council. The company now hopes to put into practice the ideas and feedback gathered at the meeting.

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