Electronic Arts Announces Cloud Game Development Platform – Computers

Electronic Arts Announces Cloud Game Development Platform - Computers

It's called Project Atlas and will be both a cloud production engine and a streaming public game service.

The video game industry is on the verge of taking the definitive step to cloud-based solutions, not only in the provision of streaming gaming services, but in terms of production infrastructures. Electronic Arts intends to make that leap by announcing Project Atlas, a game development platform that has allocated more than 1,000 people, spread across a number of company studios around the world. The technology allows you to build root games and run them on a cloud server, the giant said in a statement.

This platform will be a unifier of all Electronic Arts technologies, including the Frostbite engine that powers most of the company's games, including FIFA and Battlefield, with artificial intelligence and machine learning tools. The revelation goes against the acquisition earlier this year of GameFly, a specialist in cloud gaming technology.

So far, other technologies have presented their solutions for offering games via streaming, such as Microsoft, Google, NVidia, among others. But while these services are adapting games to run on their platforms, Electronic Arts's plan seems to go through creating and running projects natively on their streaming platform. That is, the platform will not only be designed for services, but to serve as the "engine" for the development of video games.

While no date was set for the public launch of the technology, it would not be surprising if it debuted with the release of Anthem, BioWare's new game that aims to offer a dynamic world for gamers to explore.

In the statement, Electronic Arts provides a detailed view of what you want for Project Atlas and how it can change the current paradigm of access to video games.

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