Elite Cup brings together the best Portuguese teams in Portimão – Jornal diariOnline South Region

Elite Cup brings together the best Portuguese teams in Portimão - Jornal diariOnline South Region

The eight best teams of Portuguese roller hockey will meet at Portimão Arena, between September 20 and 22, to lift the trophy for the 4th Elite Cup.

The event, which took place last year in the European City of Sport, joins FC Porto, national champion in title, Sporting, European champion and holder of the last Elite Cup, Oliveirense winner of the last Portuguese Cup, Benfica, triumph of the trophy in 2017, Óoke of Barcelos, HC Braga; Palace of Arches and Youth of Viana.

The competition, which will bring together many of the most quoted hockey artists of today, will bring some technical news, in charge of the Portuguese company Azemad, world reference at this level, and main sponsor of this event.

In addition to being installed in the Portimão Arena a removable official floor, with a lighter color, the matches will be played with a ball made of innovative materials and longer stamping, allowing greater contrast with the pavement, which will facilitate the viewing of plays.

In anticipation of the Elite Cup draw held this Monday at the Tivoli Marina Portimão Hotel, Isilda Gomes, president of the Elite Cup host municipality for the second year in a row, expressed the certainty that the tournament “will be a great sporting success, having taking into account the quality of the participants and the size and dignity of Portimão Arena ”.

At the end of his speech, Isilda Gomes gave a humorous "warning" to the clubs that currently constitute the elite of the national roller hockey: Clube de Portimão will also fight with the great ones of this country, as a result of the dynamism provided by this initiative and the formation work that the community is doing for the sport. Take care, because someday you will have a club in Portimão competing with you. ”

On Friday, 20, the matches of the quarterfinals will be as follows: FC Porto-HC Braga (11:00 hours), Oliveirense-Youth of Viana (14:00), Sporting-Óiço de Barcelos (18:00) and Benfica-Paço de Arcos (21:00).

The winners of the four matches will play on Saturday at 12:00 and 15:00. On Sunday, the qualifying games will take place, including the final at 16:00.

Tickets are already on sale (between 1 and 3 euros for some departures) at various locations in the city, at FNAC Stores; Worten; El Corte English; CTT Posts – Portugal Post; Youth hostels; ABEP Agency – Lisbon and online sites.



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