Elon Musk at E3: Will it get into the video game industry? No, but there are surprises – Computers

Elon Musk at E3: Will it get into the video game industry? No, but there are surprises - Computers

One of the surprises of E3 was the presence of Tesla's boss and SpaceX on a panel with Bethesda leader Todd Howard, where some interesting secrets about the tycoon were revealed. According to him, gaming has influenced his life, as well as his vision of the industry. "The reason I was interested in technology was video games," said Elon Musk, noting that he might never have started programming if it were not for gaming. "Video games are a great incentive force for younger children to become interested in technology," he said.

And his speech went on to say that many of the software engineers contracted by Tesla and SpaceX have links to gaming in the resume: "See John Carmack, current CTO of Oculus, who is a fantastic software engineer, he was also an excellent engineer Aerospace, which has shown that solving problems can be transferred to other things. " Note that John Carmack was the co-founder of id Software (sold to Bethesda meanwhile), having in the curriculum several game engines used in the industry and in the curriculum have DOOM, Quake and many other titles that shaped gaming.

But the true reason for Elon Musk's presence at the world's biggest video game show was the revelation of a partnership with Bethesda to fit Fallout Shelter for Tesla Model 3 cars. This is one of the great mobile successes that drivers will enjoy during the stops of the vehicle (it was not clear if they work in autopilot mode). Another game to be released is called Beach Buggy Racing 2 and can be played with the steering wheel and the Tesla pedals, while it is stopped, of course. Another game you can find in the automobile is Cuphead, one of the best indie titles of the day.

While onboard entertainment, Tesla plans to introduce streaming video content on the computer screen, such as the Netflix and YouTube service, though only when the car is parked.

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