Elon Musk's first tunnel to escape traffic opens today – Computers

Elon Musk's first tunnel to escape traffic opens today - Computers

The possibility of putting vehicles to circulate between 200 and 320 "to the hour", on platforms of electric, without intervention of the conductors. It will certainly be a historic day for the transport sector …

The Boring Company inaugurates this Tuesday, December 18, the first tunnel of its underground transport network. The three-kilometer Test Tunnel link connects SpaceX's headquarters to Hawthorne, California, USA.

The opening event will be open to the public, but access to the tunnel is reserved. It will enable people to have first contact with future transportation technology, but above all as a kind of prototype, to gain experience and develop other additional premises for the project for the future.

It will also serve as a testing ground for the vehicle access elevator, built in a garage belonging to a private residence, next to the SpaceX headquarters.

The date of inauguration of this first tunnel was advanced at the time the line was marked, about a month ago. Elon Musk celebrated the event with the publication of a video on social networks – as usual – and marked the debut for 10 December.

It did not happen, but this weekend, the South African visionary "returned" to Twitter to reveal the new date: December 18.

The system devised by Elon Musk consists of platforms based on electric rails capable of transporting cars and "buses" at high speed. The infrastructure was created with the intention of serving as an alternative of mobility, so that people can escape the traffic that undermines the metropolitan centers, nowadays.

The Boring Company has other tunnels under construction. The inauguration of one of them has recently been "suspended," but there is still the "Dugout Loop," linking several locations in Los Angeles to the Dodger Stadium; the Chicago Express Loop, which aims to facilitate access to O'Hare Airport; and also the "East Coast Loop" to connect the cities of Washington, D.C., and Maryland.

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