Emarp shows "(Im) Perfect Friends" in Portimão

Emarp shows "(Im) Perfect Friends" in Portimão

In the public service space of EMARP, until the next 7th of August it is possible to visit the exhibition “Amigos (im) Perfeito”, by photographer Carlos Filipe.

Many animals live, grow and die on the streets. Sometimes they are lucky and find a family that adopts them because it happens or because they contact animal protection associations. And these are happy endings. Behold, the question arises; and what would happen to a blind cat, a dog without a paw. «These animals, for the most part, are unlucky. We even dare to say that, for many of us, it is a surprise to discover that there are disabled animals », highlights the author of the work.

These animals now exist. The story goes that Carlos Filipe found Boris, a two-month-old dog, gathered on the side of a road with a gnawed rope tied around his neck and full of physical problems.

For Carlos Filipe, Boris "was the inspiration for a new passion in the art of photography, the photography of animals … and special animals". The search for new models led the photographer to contact animal protection associations that provide veterinary care to rescued animals, often in precarious conditions of survival, promote sterilization in order to prevent the appearance of new abandoned litters on the streets or simply arrange food for the animals they shelter.

However, this contact with the associations showed the world of economic difficulties in which they are moving. There came the idea to carry out a photo session whose profits would fully revert to those who care for these animals.

And so, by the hand and through the objective of Carlos Filipe, “Amigos (im) Perfeito” emerged, a gallery of unique animals with extraordinary stories, often guided by tragedy, that faced amputations, blindness, paralysis, traumas originated by human evil, but which give examples of courage and living proofs of love for those who welcomed and embraced them without looking at their differences.

This exhibition also offers visitors the possibility of being able, with the help of their mobile phone, to digitize the code existing in each photograph to watch the video about each animal, making the experience more interactive.


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