Eminem criticizes Justin Bieber in new song – News

Eminem criticizes Justin Bieber in new song - News

The rapper hinted that Bieber's behaviors are not acceptable given his religious beliefs.

In one of his last freestyle performances titled 'Kick Off', Eminem has touched on several issues, however, it's being news that he's been talking about Justin Bieber. In one of the rhymes of the improvisation that lasted about 11 minutes, the rapper affirms that "Bieber is in a Catholic school", while "sells drug" and consumes cannabis in the back of the people. These words were first interpreted as a criticism of Justin and his behavior.

Will be?

Remember that Bieber is currently focused on his marriage to Hailey Baldwin. In fact, in one of the last publications he made on his Instagram account, the artist stated that he was inspired by Jesus' steps to be the best husband possible.

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