Encourage your child to save money as a child – Child

Encourage your child to save money as a child - Child

In times of crisis, as in all others, it is essential to adopt strategies that encourage savings and your child can also help. As many experts argue, it is essential to start giving children ideas to teach them the art of saving and learning to value what they have at an early age. Here are some tips. It is up to him to explain to the younger ones the importance of following them.

These are some of the behaviors you should seek to instill in your child from an early age:

1. Encourage him to bring lunch to school

2. Tell her to invite friends to a home theater night entitled to homemade popcorn

3. Have picnics with family and friends

4. Encourage him to exchange books with friends or find the ones he needs in a book bank or reading club

5. Show you the importance of glueing with an institution that needs volunteers

6. Encourage you to reuse sheets of paper and plastic bags

7. Convince him to do gymnastics in a garden near his house and to take the bicycle from the collection

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