End of the rates in approved health centers – The Economic Journal

The parliament approved a bill from the Left Bloc this Friday that ends with the fees charged in health centers and in consultations or examinations prescribed by professionals of the National Health Service (SNS).

The bill was approved with votes against from CDS-PP and favorable votes from the remaining groups, and the parliamentary group announced that it would submit a statement of vote.

The objective of the diploma is that "there should no longer be any moderation fees for primary health care and for all consultations and health care services that are prescribed by a health professional whose origin is the SNS."

In the text that was discussed and voted on today, the Block proposes a "waiver of fees" for care, consultations and other health care services in primary health care, as well as "consultations, prescribed complementary actions and other benefits health, if the reference source for these is the National Health Service ".

The text of the Block project states that the legislative initiative "serves to realize the majority intention demonstrated in the specialty debate of the new Basic Health Law, and waives the levying of a moderating fee on primary health care and all health wherever the source is the SNS. "

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