Enga presents candidacy to the legislatures at the Évora Prison – O Jornal Económico

Chega will make the official presentation of his candidacy to the legislatures of October 6, and his leader, André Ventura, as prime minister at the Évora Prison. The party's first-ever election event will take place on Tuesday from 4 pm.

The unusual choice of venue for the candidacy is to deliver an open letter to former Socialist Minister Armando Vara asking him to waive his lifetime grant as a former incumbent. even after he was sentenced to five years in prison for trafficking in influences under the Hidden Face process. André Ventura expects that Chega's entourage will be received by the director of the prison, having submitted a request to that effect, or even by Vara himself.

In the open letter addressed to the former minister, André Ventura appeals to Armando Vara's common sense “to understand the goodness” of the suggestion, “if not the same demand”, which makes him “voluntarily and immediately request not the suspension, but the definitive revocation ”of the grant, which earns him 2014 monthly euros.

“Sure that in the name of a shred of his eventual homeland love, the path of rebuilding his good name and his ability to discern what is truly right or wrong, he will immediately proceed with this request for revocation,” the leader said. The Chega party believes that this is the only way he can once again be considered by the former minister, who points out that he is “serving time for crimes that have damaged the State and the Public Administration” and the fact that the State has removed “all the titles and awards previously awarded in a logic of unworthiness ”.

Armando Vara is one of 318 beneficiaries of monthly lifetime grants, named by the newly created Chega as an “outrage”. The party led by André Ventura went to the European elections for the first time on May 26, integrating the Basta coalition (with the PPM, the PPV-CDC and the Democracy 21 movement), which obtained 1.49% out of 49,496 votes. , falling short of the objective of electing a Member of the European Parliament.

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