English press says UK may include Portugal on safe destinations list

English press says UK may include Portugal on safe destinations list

Portugal may be included in the list of countries exempted from quarantine upon arrival in the United Kingdom in the next few days, within the scope of the reassessment that the British Government indicated it would do at the end of this month, reports the Lusa agency based on the British press.

The Times newspaper reports today that London is going to give in to the “powerful pressure” of the Portuguese Government, which considered the exclusion, in early July, of Portugal from the group of safe destinations as “absurd” and “wrong” and suggested an impact on relations bilateral.

It was the same British newspaper that at the time first advanced Portugal's potential absence from the list of “travel corridors” due to the outbreaks of covid-19 cases in the Lisbon region at the end of June.

According to The Times, the list of 75 countries and territories is not going to be changed profoundly, but “it is expected that trips without quarantine to Portugal are allowed”.

The Daily Telegraph also admits the lifting of restrictions to Portugal, possibly through regional “corridors”, adding that Madeira, Azores and Algarve, the most popular destinations of the approximately two million British tourists annually, have a very small number of cases comparing with Lisbon, where more than half of the cases are active in the country.

"Regional air bridges are an option for countries with localized outbreaks," a source from the Ministry of Transport told the newspaper on Wednesday, referring to difficulties with the United States, which could remain quarantined for many months if the quarantine applies. a Nacional level.

Transport Minister Grant Shapps had indicated that a reassessment would be made by July 27, invoking the use of "scientific and health criteria" determined by the Common Biosafety Center and England's General Directorate of Health, with official data and models mathematicians at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

The process of introducing quarantine for 14 days to all people arriving from abroad to the UK on June 8 was marked by confusion and criticism from the tourism and air transport sector, academics and politicians, including from the Conservative party itself.

The fact that the British MNE continued to advise against travel to mainland Portugal, but failed to advise against the autonomous regions of the Azores and Madeira created confusion, leading the respective leaders to believe that they would be exempt from quarantine.

London's justification was that the risk of infection was much less in the archipelagos, but that it could not lift the restriction for only part of the country due to the freedom of movement between the islands and mainland Portugal.


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