Enough! and Alliance surpass CDS-PP in campaign budget for Europeans – The Economic Journal

Enough! and Alliance surpass CDS-PP in campaign budget for Europeans - The Economic Journal

The Coalition Basta !, led by André Ventura, and the Alliance, a party created by Pedro Santana Lopes, have the fifth and sixth largest campaign budgets for the European elections on May 26, according to documentation submitted to the Constitutional Court by lists that are casting their ballots, relegating the CDS-PP to the seventh position of a PS-led ranking, and PSD, CDU and Left-Bank are soon to follow.

Despite having a budget of 1.250 million euros that the PS intends to spend to ensure the victory of the list headed by former minister Pedro Marques – as well as the 890 thousand euros predicted by the PSD to help Paulo Rangel to become the most voted , of the 850,000 euros with which CDU seeks to repeat the excellent result of João Ferreira in 2014 or even of the 576,200.88 allocated by the Left Block to the Marisa Matias campaign – the coalition formed by PPM and PPV ( Moves, by André Ventura and Democracia 21, by Sofia Afonso Ferreira) stands out, with a budget of 500 thousand euros.

The Coalition is Enough! expects to raise € 400,000 by fund-raising, while the Alliance, which plans to spend € 350,000 on the campaign for the European elections, depends entirely on the documentation submitted to the Constitutional Court, which will be obtained if elected by the less the head of the list Paulo Sande for the European Parliament. Further behind, with only 312,000 euros budgeted, comes the CDS-PP, which relies on 100% of the party's coffers to fund the election campaign that seeks to improve representation in Strasbourg, where currently only has Nuno Melo, who is the head list.

Even more reduced is the budget of the Republican Democratic Party, which seeks to keep its head of list, António Marinho and Pinto (big surprise of the European 2014, then on the lists of the Movement Party of the Earth) in the European Parliament. It will count with only 82,500 euros, still above the 78,410.63 euros destined to the PAN campaign.

Among the remaining lists stands out the Liberal Initiative, with 28,000 euros that should be used almost entirely for billboards and billboards. Soon after comes the PCTP / MRPP, which drops to 16 thousand euros, after presenting a budget of 60 thousand euros in 2014, following the removal of former leader Garcia Pereira and the death of Arnaldo de Matos.

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