Enough denies inviting Pardal Henriques to integrate party lists in legislatures – The Economic Journal

The newly created Chega denies inviting the lawyer representing the National Union of Hazardous Drivers (SNMMP), Pedro Pardal Henriques, to join the party lists in the October elections. To Jornal Económico, the president of Chega, André Ventura, says, however, that the party is "in solidarity with the drivers and is against" the humiliation imposed by the Government. "

"The invitation to Dr. Pardal Henriques to be a deputy for the Chega lists is false," André Ventura told Jornal Económico. "We are against the humiliation imposed on drivers by the Government, but I did not invite me or anyone from the board, Dr. Pardal Henriques to join the Chega lists," explains the party leader.

To the magazine “Visão”, Pedro Pardal Henriques had said that he was invited by Chega to be a candidate for deputy in the October legislative elections. The spokesman for the drivers, however, said he was in talks with António Marinho and Pinto's Republican Democratic Party (PDR), who also invited him to join the lists.

“I haven't accepted anything yet… but Dr. Marinho e Pinto is a person I admire since the days when he was [da Ordem dos Advogados]. It stands for things that I stand for, too, and the PDR is not a party of extremes, neither far left nor far right; it's very downtown, ”Pedro Pardal Henriques told Vision magazine.

On the drivers' strike, which is due to take place on Wednesday the third day, Chega says he is still in solidarity with his claims, but does not agree with the way the stoppage is taking place.

“We are sympathetic to the drivers, but we cannot condone the strike as it is taking place, at the height of summer when many citizens have to travel around the country for the holidays they expect to have over the course of a year. work, ”says André Ventura.

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