"Entrepreneurs For Quarteira" together in association

"Entrepreneurs For Quarteira" together in association

“For Quarteira as a modern, dynamic and forward-looking city”, this is how the new business association of Quarteira is presented, in a statement sent to diariOnline South Region.

The AEPQ (Association of Entrepreneurs for Quarteira), recently formalized, brings together entrepreneurs from Quarteira and aims to boost the local economy.

"So that companies with added value and competitiveness can develop and so that trade, tourism and other structural activities can grow in a sustainable way", thus explains the association its objectives.

Among the actions of the group, which has been active for a year, the entrepreneurs highlight some results.

“The group already has more than a year of local actions aimed at the same objective and reaching, until now, several goals, as examples are the creation of the pedestrian corridor on Avenida Infante Sagres and the dynamization of the musical culture of Quarteira”.

Led by the businessman from Vítor Duro, the association asserts itself as non-partisan and intends to interact with “Relevant public bodies”.

“The pandemic has accentuated the fragile situation of small companies that are also in a state of emergency. It was identified that the measures implemented so far have proven to be insufficient and too slow, so a more present and effective intervention is needed ”, they conclude.


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