Entrepreneurs present “Emergency Plan” for Quarteira

Entrepreneurs present “Emergency Plan” for Quarteira

The Emergency Plan to Support Companies in Quarteira (PEAEQ) was prepared by the newly created business association “Por Quarteira”. It was presented to the Municipality of Loulé, where it is under analysis for later approval.

The PEAEQ, which aims at an emergency action to overcome the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the constraints and stops in the economy imposed by the “state of emergency” situations, foresees full support for companies, with activity in the parish of Quarteira, of 6 million euros in non-refundable form.

The support to be granted includes support for companies' treasury.

Directorate of Entrepreneurs Association by Quarteira (AEPQ)

In an interview with diariOnline South Region, the management of “Por Quarteira” defends the plan as being of “immediate intervention” taking into account the fragile situation of the companies, namely those related to the tourism sector, such as hotels, restaurants and similar hotels.

"In 12 months, the activity was stopped for 5 and there are establishments that have already closed", argues Vítor Duro, president of the Associação de Empresários Por Quarteira (AEPQ), alluding to the difficult situation of companies active in the parish (W / Audio).

Plan foresees support for companies' treasury

The Emergency Plan, which amounts to 6 million euros, provides for non-repayable support to companies, divided into six modalities, including direct support to treasury, exploration and income assignments, maintenance of jobs and individual entrepreneurs , revitalization of companies, microentrepreneurs at risk and exemption from the cost of water.

Avenida Infante Sagres in Quarteira

Applications for the Emergency Plan, which will be approved and put into practice by the Municipality of Loulé, will obey general criteria outlined by the association, among them the “break in billing”.

The AEPQ association has an Entrepreneur Support Department in operation. The structure, in addition to supporting applications to the programs in force, will have a determining role in monitoring the PEAEQ.

Gustavo Guerreiro, president of the AEPQ General Assembly, explains that “members can submit applications free of charge, only having charges if they are approved” (W / Audio).

The presented plan should be managed and financed by the Louletan autarchy, with the association "Por Quarteira" having a monitoring role with the businessmen.

“We are a non-partisan association”

AEPQ has more than 200 members, “From the fisherman, from the carpenter to the large hotel group”, explain the entrepreneurs.

Quarteira, which includes the tourist area of ​​Vilamoura, is the fifth most populous parish in the Algarve and also one of those that creates the greatest number of jobs.

Statutory created in October 2020, from the beginning, still as an informal group, AEPQ has always asserted itself as non-partisan. Its statutes even have restrictions in relation to public office holders and party body holders. They may be members of “Por Quarteira”, but they cannot hold any position within the association.

“Being non-partisan was our great gateway”, explains Bruno Fraga, vice president of “Por Quarteira” (W / Audio).

"Society has to understand that we are here to work", concludes.

Pedestrian corridor Avenida Infante Sagres in Quarteira

Since the beginning of its activity, the association has maintained direct contact with the Municipality of Loulé and with the Quarteira Parish Council, which has led to the achievement of some objectives even before the formalization of the association.

The creation of the pedestrian corridor on Avenida Infante Sagres and the increase in esplanades are some of the measures put in place during the pandemic, which had the active role of AEPQ.


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