Erasmus Interior is “good measure” that the PSD already advocated, stresses Rui Rio – Jornal Económico

Social Democrats President Rui Rio said today that the creation of an Erasmus Interior program is a “good idea” that the PSD has presented for “long months”, and the PS leader, he added, will have “reproduced well”. an idea you liked ”.

"We proposed this several months ago, we translate it now into our electoral program, it is a measure that if the PS agrees with it, we just have to rejoice in it," said Rui Rio today.

The social democrat was speaking in Ribeira Grande, on the Azorean island of São Miguel, following a meeting with the president of the Azores Agricultural Federation, Jorge Rita.

"We must also give young Portuguese people the opportunity to get to know their own country," he added.

Asked about the coincidence of PSD and PS advocating the same measure, he said: "Dr. António Costa would have read the PSD program well and reproduced an idea he liked", in an allusion to a reading that the socialist leader was wrong to read. PSD wants to move to a TGV between Lisbon and Porto.

PS Secretary General António Costa said on Saturday he wants to create an Erasmus Interior for young Portuguese who “only know the surf wave country” have the opportunity to know “other territories, knowledge and spaces” within the country. .

“Just as it has been fundamental in the formation of our youth, one or two semesters may be abroad, learning other languages, customs and other people, it is also fundamental that they have the opportunity to know other territories, other knowledge and spaces in our country. highlighted the PS leader during a rally in Vila Real.

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