ERC declares Angelus TV program service canceled – News

ERC declares Angelus TV program service canceled - News

On May 30, Angelus TV director Sandra Bastos had explained to Lusa that the channel would end its broadcast on June 1 due to financial difficulties and lack of funding.

In its determination, dated July 3, the Regulatory Board of the Media Regulatory Authority (ERC) declares the "authorization for the Angelus TV program service" "extinct" and determines the "unofficial cancellation of the same authorization".

"On May 31, 2019, the operator's lawyer reported the insolvency of the company and, consequently, the end of the emissions," read ERC's decision, which states that on June 27 last "Sinal Principal – Disclosure Services and Lembranças SA, holder of the program service Angelus TV, has requested, due to difficulties of economic sustainability, the revocation of the program service ".

With a liability of about one million euros, Sandra Bastos told Lusa in May that Angelus TV could not "continue to accumulate debts".

Debts to suppliers could be settled "with the company's assets," he added, revealing that 14 people go to unemployment.

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