ESPAMOL, in Lagoa, will have new sports fields

ESPAMOL, in Lagoa, will have new sports fields

Protocol signed between the city council and the Ministry of Education allows Lagoa to gain new sports and leisure spaces. Located at Escola Padre António Martins de Oliveira (ESPAMOL), the urban park and the sports park are intended to be used not only by the school community, but also by the general population.

The cooperation protocol between the municipality and the Ministry, which provides for the creation of the new structures, was signed on November 4, 2020 and ratified at the public chamber meeting, on February 9 this year. The projects of this municipal intervention include the creation of a soccer field, equipped with synthetic turf and a 220-seat bench; a soccer field; a basketball court; three training tracks; a long jump track; a 204-meter long maintenance circuit and four picnic areas. Among the various support structures for this equipment, there are two changing rooms, toilets and six exercise machines.

With this intervention, the ESPAMOL School will be endowed with better conditions for sports practice, where one of the High Performance Support Units at School (UAARE) is implemented, which articulates the dual career of the students, aiming at the reconciliation between school success and sports, being one more factor to fix the young people from the local schools in the municipality and attract young people from the neighboring

The sports park and the urban park will be assigned to the ESPAMOL School Group during school hours. Local authorities and the general public will be able to use this equipment after school hours, during weekends and during school break periods.


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