Espinho will support local families with 750 euros per baby – News

Espinho will support local families with 750 euros per baby - News

With retroactive effect as of January 1, 2019, the measure also applies to households that have lived in the county for at least 12 months and have adopted children with one or two years of age.

The autarky expects that the new baby check will benefit more than 220 children by the end of the year, since this is the average births that have been registered in the county over the last years.

The mayor hopes that the program can act as an "incentive" to the decision to have children and as "a contribution" to improve the socioeconomic conditions of families with more restrictive budgets.

"Portugal is unfortunately experiencing a very serious demographic problem and has been losing population. Everyone tends to think that this is mainly a problem of the low density areas in the interior, but it is not true because it also affects large cities and Espinho also had a decrease in the birth rate, "said Joaquim Pinto Moreira.

The mayor argues that social institutions of child support and employers themselves have to be involved in the national effort to change this scenario, but hopes that the baby check can already facilitate the management of the first needs of the new residents of the county and, for the benefit of this support, note that "it is enough to present in the Chamber the request" for that purpose.

Social Action councilor Lurdes Ganicho acknowledges that support of 750 euros "will not meet all the needs" of newborns, but also considers it a stimulus to birth in a city "with current conditions – and much better in the future – for children to live and grow up in a happy and happy way. "

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