#EstudoEmCasa “classes” for secondary education come to television today

#EstudoEmCasa “classes” for secondary education come to television today

The "classes" of #EstudoEmCasa for secondary education will also start on television as of today, Monday, 8, with 75 thematic teaching blocks per week.

Since the beginning of the school year, these blocks have been made available on RTP Play and will be accessible in position 8 (position 9 in the Azores and Madeira) of digital terrestrial television (DTT), in a space still without programming, which will be used temporarily, and in position 444 of cable operators.

“At a time when, due to the pandemic, it is necessary to return to distance learning, having redundancy in the provision of educational resources is especially relevant”, says the Ministry of Education (ME), in a statement.

Result of the ministry's partnership with RTP, the #EstudoEmCasa was born in April last year, as a complement to distance learning, which was decided to resort to, due to the epidemiological situation experienced.

Despite face-to-face education, at the beginning of the school year ME decided to maintain and extend the project to secondary education, transforming #EstudoEmCasa into the “most complete” set of educational resources in Portuguese accessible to everyone and on television.

"It is, therefore, an important resource available to teachers and an extraordinarily useful tool for student learning", he says.

Now this new step is taken, in the perspective of providing universal access to the contents related to secondary education, which see their distribution broadened to television, similar to what happens in basic education.

In this way, the #EstudoEmCasa will be available on television, from the 1st to the 12th years of schooling, from Monday to Friday, with the function of reinforcing learning in a synchronous and / or asynchronous context, whether for the autonomous work of the students, either for the enrichment of the didactic resources of the teachers, fulfilling most of the curricular components of the scientific-humanistic courses (from the 10th to the 12th year) and of the professional courses (from the 1st to the 12th) 3rd year).

The 15 daily thematic blocks of basic education are transmitted on RTP Memória and the 15 of secondary education through the positions mentioned, from 9:00 to 16:30, with interpretation in Portuguese sign language (in the case of secondary, the daily grid is repeated from 16:30).

All content, from Basic to Secondary, remains available on RTP Play, through the #EstudoEmCasa app, and on the video club platforms on different cable operators.

The schedules and graphic content in annex and in a format to download with quality are available here.

The #EstudoEmCasa project is a partnership between the Ministry of Education and RTP, with the support of Publishers Leya and Porto Editora.

For the 2020/2021 edition, a coordination team and a specific team for its development were created, composed of more than four dozen teachers and five Portuguese Sign Language interpreters, with the pedagogical responsibility in charge of the Directorate-General for Education.

The #EstudoEmCasa on the various platforms

Internet: emission of each day on demand and individualized modules; and educational resources used in class.

APP: #EstudoEmCasa

Television – Basic Education:

– DTT – position 7

– MEO – position 100

– NOS – position 19

– Vodafone – position 17

– Nowo – position 1

Television – Secondary Education:

– DTT – position 8 (position 9 in the Azores and Madeira)

– MEO, NOS, Vodafone and Nowo – position 444

In this partnership between the Ministry of Education and the public television service, we also highlight the programming of RTP 2, which has reinforced children's content in recent days, a particularly important response for children in pre-school education.


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