ETIC_Algarve celebrates its 10th anniversary with a new website and other news

ETIC_Algarve celebrates its 10th anniversary with a new website and other news

The celebrations of the 10th anniversary of the School of Technologies, Innovation and Creation – ETIC_Algarve include the renewal of the online site and several other news.

The program started on June 1, with the already traditional opening of the registration period for the academic year 20/21, to which other news were added.

First of all, the recently established partnerships with two schools, dBs Music Berlin and ETIC in Lisbon, which allow students in two-year courses at ETIC_Algarve to perform a 3rd year «Top Up Year» to obtain level 6 of the Framework European Qualifications, equivalent to a degree.

Enrollments for the 14 technical courses of one or two years, in the areas of Design, Photography, Sound & Music, Video, Video Games and Web & Communication, also benefit from a global discount of 10% this year if they are made until the 31st August 2020.

One of the great news is the new website, which features a completely renewed design and designed in a way that reflects the near future of ETIC_Algarve, “based on sustained growth and continuous improvement in the training it promotes”, stresses the school.

“These 10 years passed in an instant, which is an excellent sign, because when you do what you like, time starts to fly. But it's been a very, very rewarding 10 years, because we have the privilege of contributing to the personal and professional growth of all students who decide to give their creativity a future, ”said ETIC_Algarve director, Nuno Ribeiro, in a statement.

The official stressed the creation of opportunities for his students. “Since, alongside the training offer, we always try to create new ways to maximize the potential of our students, either through European internships under Erasmus +, or through the“ Top Up Year ””, he added.

The JUMP – Support for Professional Integration program is also available, alongside the curricular internships in two-year technical courses, aiming at an "effective and productive insertion in the labor market" and thus allowing the future trainees of ETIC_Algarve the possibility of "changing their Your lives".

Registration for ETIC_Algarve is available on its website, and interested parties can contact the school via email [email protected], by calling 289823359 and 960309550 or at the school office, on the 1st floor of the Faro Municipal Market.


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