Europe for citizens program opens applications for associations and municipalities

Europe for citizens program opens applications for associations and municipalities

The Europe for Citizens program, which aims to motivate citizens to play a more active role in building the European Union, has already opened applications.

Funded projects should promote European citizenship and improve the conditions for civic and democratic participation, contributing to “a better understanding of the European Union, its history, diversity and common values”.

Public bodies or non-profit organizations with legal personality may apply, such as municipalities, twinning committees, non-profit organizations, foundations and federations of general European interest.

Applications are open for the following measures:

'European memory' (until 4 February) – covers projects that invite reflection on the causes of totalitarian regimes in recent European history and promote tolerance, mutual understanding, intercultural dialogue with a view to reaching the younger generation (grant maximum of 100,000 euros);

'Town Twinning' (first phase until 4 February) – covers meetings of citizens from partner municipalities to discuss European issues and projects to promote civic participation and volunteering at EU level (maximum grant of EUR 25 000);

'City networks' (first phase until 3 March) – encourages municipalities to develop thematic and lasting cooperation between cities, sharing resources or interests, mobilizing and involving experts, local associations, citizens and citizens groups (maximum grant of 150,000 euros);

'Civil society projects' (until 1 September) – aims to encourage transnational partnerships and networks to promote opportunities for solidarity, social commitment and volunteering and to propose practical solutions through EU-level cooperation (maximum grant of 150,000 euros).

Since 2016, the Jacques Delors European Information Center (CIEJD) has been the National Contact Point for the Europe for Citizens Program. Its mission is to inform and clarify the technical aspects and funding of the program, to provide documentation and support in Looking for partners for your project.

See the project portal for more information.



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