Europe's largest illegal horse meat distributor whose network covered Portugal – The Jornal Económico

Jan Fasen, a 68-year-old Dutchman, was arrested yesterday by the Guardia Civil in Calpe, Spain after a European arrest warrant issued by France. Among accusations of trade in horse meat, he is also accused of misleading buyers by saying that he sold beef when it was actually horse meat.

According to the newspaper El Mundo, the Dutchman had been wanted for some time by the French authorities where he still has a sentence of 22 months to go, following the scandal involving adulterated lasagna: they were sold as containing beef, but their contents It contained horse meat.

Jan Fasen's commercial operation included the distribution of horse meat across Europe, based in Belgium. Portugal was one of the destinations, which also included France, Romania, the Netherlands and Italy.

In 2017, after Interpol launched a mega-operation called “gazel”, it was found that the meat Jasen sold represented a danger to public health.

The way they obtained the meat was done through legal slaughterhouses, but the animals arrived without any documentation, being mostly breeds intended for leisure and not for human consumption, according to El Mundo.

The Dutchman is currently being held in detention awaiting trial, but although it was France who issued the warrant for his capture, Jan Fasen will also be tried by the judicial authorities of all countries involved in this trafficking network.

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